Some Proposals for Democratic Reform

I’m going to make some proposals for what I believe to be a better, purer form of democracy, which strikes me as the only realistic alternative to the theoretical ideal of an all-wise, all-knowing ‘benign dictator’ who couldn’t possible hope to please everyone (not that even the highest forms of democracy can, of course). Even if such a noble-minded individual existed, the doctrine ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ could still see them one day turning into another Mao or Pol Pot. You may not agree with my suggested solutions, but you surely cannot disagree with my observations on what’s wrong with things as they currently stand in virtually all Western democracies (with the possible exception of Switzerland). The idea here is not so much to come up with a fully-fledged alternative, but rather to remind us all that there are other ways of doing things and that we must never accept that the current model of democracy is so perfect and mature as to be immutable and somehow beyond fundamental reform. We need much ‘out-of-the-box-thinking’ and what follows below is just one, small example of it. The most important thing is to get the debate started. Good luck in doing so, everyone!

Assuming one day sanity once again prevails – and I believe it will – we shall need to sit down and construct a new system of governance that learns and adapts from the mistakes of the past and ensures that cast iron protections are put in place to stop another cabal of psychopathic megalomaniacs from ever arising again. We need to incorporate the wisdom of the world’s most outstanding thinkers, historians, economists, political scientists and philosophers if we are to formulate a system inviolable to the machinations of parasites who would seek, yet again as they have throughout the whole of recorded history, to enslave us all. This is the typical end result when we place total trust in complete strangers: slavery. We expect others we entrust with power to be good natured and honest in their dealings with us, as we would be with them if the roles were reversed. This is the basic, fundamental mistake we make when trying to assess others’ fitness for public office. I shall return to this vital matter later in this essay as it is of the utmost importance and far too significant to simply brush aside.

The most important thing by far, as I see it, is that the concept of a permanent or semi-permanent ruling class be consigned to the dustbin of history. In the future, it will be preposterous to even contemplate the notion of politics as a career choice. We cannot have a situation where anyone, no matter how gifted or altruistic they may be, is permitted to sit for year upon year in a position in which they enjoy decision making power over others. All too frequently, a “few years in public service” (as it’s euphemistically termed) becomes a lifetime and if that were not bad enough, the offspring of such self-entitled individuals often seek to follow in the parent’s footsteps. The dire prospect of a political dynasty arising then raises its ugly head and if you want to know where that eventually leads, you have only to look at repressive, backward hell-holes like North Korea and Saudi Arabia. And every time another Bush or Clinton gets into the White House, the further we are headed down that ruinously dangerous road.

We need to completely re-examine our current model of democracy from the ground up. As things stand at present, whenever fresh elections are called, anyone can stand and claim to be in support of whatever fashionable, prevailing view they care to associate themselves with. There is thus very little to distinguish the genuine believer from the opportunist rogue. In fact the candidate who is most likely to prevail is the one that can most convincingly lie; the superficial charmer who can do underhand deals with the so-called ‘opinion formers’ (the media) to get himself portrayed in a favourable light. Under such circumstances, decent, honest, well-intentioned people who stand for election hoping to bring about positive change stand next to no chance. In fact the person by far best qualified to excel in politics under the present model is the specious, seemingly-agreeable scheming psychopath who will do whatever it takes to climb the greasy pole at any expense – and they don’t care who they have to betray and crush to get to the top.

As recently as 50 years ago, we typically only thought of psychopaths as violent, unhinged serial killers of the scary kind popularised in horror films. But this view is something of a myth. Only a very small proportion of psychopaths are violent killers. Let’s consider the clinical character traits of psychopaths as we now, much more clearly, understand them today:

Glibness/superficial charm
Grandiose sense of self-worth
Pathological lying
Lack of remorse or guilt
Emotionally shallow
Callous/lack of empathy
Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
Parasitic lifestyle

Now you can’t help but notice that many of the above ‘qualities’ are commonly found in the highly successful and ruthless politician! In fact not just politicians. You can find these people rising to the top in many walks of life: banks and large corporations chief among them. Their ability to calculate coldly and ruthlessly gets the job done! Okay, so they cause devastation to the people whose lives they ruin in the the wake of the heartless decisions they take, but to a psychopath, that’s no barrier at all to a sound night’s sleep. If you seriously think you can elect a person like this to work on your behalf, to fight your corner and do their best in your interests, you must be seriously deluded. It’s simply not going to happen. You are going to end up getting betrayed with a 100% certainty. The only question is how badly. And it’s not just individuals with this personality disorder that treat others as sub-humans. The same can equally be said for the devotees of many world religions. They likewise believe that if you’re not ‘one of them,’ then your life is at best dispensable and you deserve no more consideration than a farmyard animal. These kind of people urgently require removal from public affairs, too.

Our major weakness here is what the psychologists term the phenomenon of projection – and it’s application is invariably fatal when it comes to judging and selecting politicians to represent us. Projection occurs when we’re foolish enough to believe we can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and see life through their eyes. We then imagine our world-view being theirs, as if everyone felt and thought the same as we do. This is a catastrophic error when the person whose eyes we’re trying to see through is a psychopath. The normal person simply cannot get inside the heads of these people. Your decent, human values; how you personally perceive the world around you, how you believe in treating others as you would like to be treated, empathy for those in suffering etc., all that makes you human has absolutely zero resonance in the mind of a psychopath whose sole aim is exploiting others for his or her own self-advancement. Yet millions of ordinary people fall into this trap every time there’s another election. They make this same basic, fatal mistake over and over and over again. And then we grumble about broken election promises and how all politicians are glib liars and manipulators and how we won’t get fooled by them again. We switch from Labour to Tory to Labour to Tory to Labour to Tory in the insane expectation that it’ll be different next time. Well, it never will be without fundamental, ground-up reform.

One of the truest political axioms of all time is that those who seek power should never be allowed anywhere near it. The prospect of power over others attracts the wrong sort of people. Most of us healthy individuals have no interest whatsoever in exercising power over others, but sadly there are plenty of others that do – and politics is a powerful magnet for them. Consequently we must take all steps necessary to exclude such individuals from all avenues to public office. In future, a completely new and fresh approach to democracy must be adopted to ensure this criterion is satisfied. Let me make a proposal at this point. Instead of having a joker of little or no provenance popping up from nowhere promising us the world, how about we nominate well-known, long-established, decent individuals from our own communities to stand? People who have, over their lives, become regarded as sensible, level-headed, caring individuals who already devote time to helping others? How about ‘we the people’ pre-screen the quality individuals we know to be good people and only their names go forward onto the ballot? Of course, these people we would like to see represent us might simply be unable to do so. In such instances, we can perhaps apply the current rules for jury service exemption to see if they have legitimate reasons for being excused duty and in valid cases where, for instance, undue hardship might result, then it would not be right to press them.

In any case, their sacrifice should be a small one. We will not expect good people to have to sign up for terms of four or five years any more. That’s another unsatisfactory aspect of the existing system. The aim should be to keep this period of public service to 1 year or less. Rotating representatives regularly prevents them from becoming too comfortable and from forming unhealthy relationships with the corporate and banking worlds. Short periods of service also help maintain the vital ‘alignment of interests’ between the governors and the governed. A person who who is certain to be rejoining the real world in 12 months will be primarily motivated to make that world better for himself and as a result, everyone else. On the other hand a career politician who may well be in the job for life doesn’t give a hoot about conditions in the world outside their own little bubble because he or she is isolated from its harsh realities and will one day retire to a castle with a fat, inflation-proof pension they and their fellow parasites voted themselves as a perk of the job. This disparity in the diverse aims of rulers and ruled must be closed.

Another essential step in this quest for higher standards in public life will be the introduction of screening of all candidates for psychopathy. We already have a well proven methodology which involves the observation of how a test subject’s pupil diameter changes when presented with a rapid succession of visual stimuli and it’s high time we used it to weed out the self-servers attracted to power for all the wrong reasons. The single psychopath is bad enough, but these people have a knack for sniffing out others with the same sort of mindset and when they form networks to aid their mutual advancement up the chain of command they become especially dangerous to the rest of us and the peace of the world in particular, because they absolutely do not have the slightest care for all the lives they ruin in their obsessive quest for money and power. There is no one, no matter how evil, these people would not do a deal with if it benefits them. At the highest level, organised rings of psychopaths (far more than crazed individuals like Stalin or Hitler) start major wars and conflicts world-wide and have done for untold centuries. So everyone must be screened, even the philanthropic types we pre-approve for election, because you can never be too careful. A ‘belt and braces’ approach here is essential.

A couple of final suggestions:

1. External influences. Refuse to accept interference from any supranational authorities such as we do at present. That would mean no outsiders would be in a position to overrule the people we choose to govern us. So any international treaties would need to assert the principle that our parliament is the supreme law-making body in this country. If we continue to be subordinate to outside bodies like the UN, the WTO or the EU, then no amount of reform to the domestic democratic process is going to bring the slightest improvement.

2. He who blunders pays. As things currently stand, whenever a public authority or someone acting on behalf of same does something gravely wrong and actionable which subsequently results in a damages award against said authority, it’s the taxpayers who’re forced to pick up the bill for it. How can it be right that when someone in a position of authority abuses or misuses his/her power, some innocent third party (us, in other words) has to stump up for their incompetence and/or gross negligence? In future we must insist that public authorities carry insurance against such risks, so the cost of these blunders (which happen all too frequently and for which no one ever seems to accept any meaningful responsibility) will no longer be borne by the public. In this way, officials who screw up once too often will become uninsurable and consequently unemployable in a similar role – as is only right and proper; a self-correcting mechanism if you like.

3. Free speech reigns! We have seen the terrible damage done to Western society by the poisonous doctrine of Political Correctness (which is basically Cultural Marxism – a foreign ideology that doesn’t belong here). This must end. The people we elect to make our laws must be free to discuss issues that confront the country without being shouted down by extremist bigots and bullies who seem to think only their particular views should be heard. ALL views must be heard; honest debate alone will decide the merits of each. The suppression of open, unfettered debate is the enemy of Truth and it leads to poor, ill-informed decision-making, the flourishing of falsehoods, corruption of the public good and ultimately – as we are now seeing – tyranny.

*                         *                           *                         *                         *

The Wages of Treason: a Particularly Unpleasant Death!


Up until a certain Tony Blair became Prime Minister in 1997, High Treason was quite rightly regarded as THE most heinous crime of all, punishable by the severest sanction the State could apply. Up until Blair, this invariably involved the death penalty in one form or another. But why is Treason regarded as a more serious matter even than crimes such as, for example, child murder? Well, if you think about it, Treason involves the betrayal of an entire nation on an epic scale. Those who engage in the foul and unpardonable crime of Treason are not only destroying the future of our people, they are also rendering all the sterling efforts of countless generations of valiant men and women throughout our history worthless. All the enormous sacrifices made by our armed services in both World Wars, plus all the many centuries of conflict before them in which our people fought to defend these very special islands from overseas invasion. In addition to that, all the suffering, hardship and privations our forebears had to undergo at home whilst the fighting raged abroad. A thousand years of noble strife all totally trashed – and a sovereign country treacherously betrayed to foreign control. For these reasons, High Treason has always been and continues to be regarded as the ultimate crime demanding the most punitive deterrent the human mind can conceive.

Until Blair changed the law so that High Treason could only be punishable by life imprisonment, it was most commonly dealt with by one variation of hanging or another. Immediately prior to Blair assuming office, Judicial Hanging (to give the official term) would be carried out by the so-called ‘long-drop’ which was reckoned to be virtually instant and consequently more humane than the older ‘short-drop’ method which preceded it, the latter taking several minutes to achieve death through slow strangulation. Prior to this, we had a couple of hundred years in which the preferred method was beheading by axe or sword. Going back in time still earlier to the middle ages, we once again see hanging in common use, but with some augmentations for those convicted of Treason. The condemned man would in most instances be given the ‘short-drop’ treatment, strangled close to death, then cut down and revived so he could witness his abdomen being sliced open, his guts drawn out – and burned before him. He would then, whilst initially still conscious, be dismembered into four pieces which would then be devoured by starving dogs. And of course, all this in full public view as a warning to others foolish enough to embark upon the same damnable course. They didn’t piss about in those days.

So there you have it: for those whose trade is treachery, the eventual outcome can be very ugly indeed!

That’s (almost) All Folks!


As stated previously, I’m shortly going to be changing tactics and enthusiastically embracing pamphleteering. The substance of the message I’ll be putting out is grass roots democratic reform which will be an extract of the key points from a document I’ll be posting shortly. As suggested by FTC, I shall not be deleting this blog, but leaving it up indefinitely, so we’ll see how long it is before someone else manages to take it down. After all, it is total anathema to the powers that be. Especially the final item!
One last thing, I shall be off to Australia for the rest of the winter and will be closing comments permanently immediately prior to leaving, as I do not want the blog sabotaged by the yew-know-whos posting poisonous comments purely in order to then complain to WP to get the site taken down. Good luck to all and keep up the fight!

Our Usurped and Broken ‘Democracy’

“As your prospective parliamentary candidate for the Lib-Con-Lab Party, I’m going to promise you the world. YOU will be my first and only priority. Until you elect me, that is. Then I’ll…”

1. Play my assigned part in destroying the character and unity of the country through massive third-world immigration.

2. Vote to stir up a hornets’ nest in north africa and the middle east by bombing the hell out the countries there for no valid reason. Then I’ll take absolutely no action whatsoever against the instigators and war criminals who so rashly forced us into yet more unjustifiable foreign entanglements.

3. Bus in by the million the understandably angry ‘refugees’ displaced thanks to us wrecking their formerly stable countries in the expectation they’ll feel sufficiently aggrieved and enraged to attack and kill Europeans.

4. Send shedloads of financial aid to bolster the space programs of corrupt third-world hell-holes whilst our own people can barely afford to eat and heat their homes.

5. Let my crooked cronies in the city off with fines when they get caught in criminality that should rightly be punished by lengthy prison terms. Then I’ll say nothing when, invariably, the fines get passed on to innocent shareholders and pension funds to pay.

6. Pretend the economy’s improving whilst in fact it’s all one massive Ponzie Scheme achieved through insane amounts of money printing and robbing savers blind over many years via a near-zero interest rate policy.

7. Make out everyone’s better off than they’ve ever been before whereas in fact the average family has been getting poorer in all sorts of ways since 1970 and what remains of the middle class’s former lifestyles have been all but wiped out just like the working class’s standard of living was likewise destroyed a generation ago.

8. Reduce you to a second class citizen in your own country. I’ll make up laws that take all your rights away and leave you voiceless. And if you start bitching about it, I’ll just brand you a ‘racist’ (never fails).

9. Support covert, treasonous agreements with clandestine, foreign agencies in a long running plot to progressively weaken your sense of national and cultural identity and on top of that I’ll also undermine your borders.

10. Years later in the run-up to the next election I’ll change my tune and suddenly start talking in your interest again. But it will only be talk, mind. My colleagues and I will bamboozle you into voting for us again. You fall for it every time! It’s so funny and clearly you peasants simply can’t help yourselves. You never learn!

Seriously, did we vote for any of this? Was any of this ever put to us? Did anyone in the Western world actually approve any or all of the above? And if we didn’t, why is it precisely the same revolting story unfolding wherever you look anywhere in Europe or America? My conclusion: Democracy’s been hijacked by shadowy, global, special interest groups for their own purposes. Neither my nor your family’s needs feature anywhere on their list of priorities. THIS MUST CHANGE!

Decision Time II

Having lost faith in Internet-based solutions to the problem of ideas dissemination, I’ve had to consider various alternatives and I believe I’ve come up with a winner: pamphleteering. No, really! I can hear the Jews laughing already. But there’s much to be said for this old, tried and trusted method. Pamphleteering has a long and honorable tradition among the great contributors to political thought over the past few centuries. Not that I would have the audacity to compare myself with the likes of Thomas Payne or Samuel Adams, mind, but the fact remains that they blazed a trail and what they achieved remains an inspiration to lovers of freedom and true democracy to this day. Plus best of all, of course, is that the pamphleteer is dependent on the grace of no one in getting his message across. There are no gatekeepers, no censors, no editors, no moderators. The pamphleteer speaks directly to the reader the unconstrained content of his mind, unfettered by opposing forces who would, if they had their way, quickly deny him that voice.

Now I don’t plan on writing anything outrageously explosive, because there’s absolutely no need to. I can put my point of view over without breaking a single existing law. All I shall be doing is calling for a purer form of democracy and outlining how that might best be secured. And this is a subject that is entirely apolitical. I will not be concerning myself with trying to push any ‘extreme’ right-wing views down anyone’s throat. No one, upon reading one of my pamphlets, is going to be seized with the uncontrollable desire to punch me on the nose for my trouble. The only people that are sure to find the contents objectionable comprise that cabal of the usual suspects: the globalists, international bankers, heads of government plus the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffet; the Clintons, the Bushes, the Blairs and such like. In short: the perma-parasite slavemaster class whose members will all go to hell when they pass on, anyway.

Now I’m not saying that one man can change the world just by handing out leaflets (not that I personally will be doing that, of course, I’ll have teams of people doing the donkey work for me – eastern Europeans probably, just to add a taste of delicious irony into the mix). No, it may be the case that no matter how hard one tries to wake up one’s fellows, they’ll simply be too engrossed with their own problems or too distracted to bring about any change by themselves. I hope this will not prove to be the case, but even if it does, I’m not discouraged, because I know the Universe is on our side. One important lesson I’ve learned in this life from all the observations I’ve ever made (and they have been very many) is that throughout history, cheats have never prospered for long. You can call it karma, you can say, “what goes around comes around,” followers of religion view it as God’s vengeance. I’m a secular individual so to me it’s just a mysterious, omnipotent Universal Law there’s no getting away from. And it’s way bigger than any of us – and all of them (these treasonous conspirators) put together.

Quite simply, one way or another, a black swan event will supervene to throw a spanner in the works of the globalists’ best laid plans. These lying, cheating thieves are going to come unstuck as a direct consequence of their own greed and megalomania. Depend on it. They wont go down without a fight, of course, but they WILL go down. Natural law will ensure they’ll never prevail – even if our assembled earthly efforts to combat them founder and fail. They may kid themselves they’ve found some devilish way to circumvent this force, whatever it is, but they haven’t. And when the long, slow and painful process of rebuilding what remains of the planet along more sane lines begins, I’d like to think that my legacy will be to have contributed some of the foundation stones to a new system of governance that will prove inviolable to cheats, opportunist usurpers and professional, dynastic parasites for ever more. It’s a grand goal alright, but an achievable one in my view. And certainly one worth striving for!

Decision Time I

For some time now I’ve been contemplating the viability of blogging as an effective platform for the propagation of political views of the kind the ‘powers that be’ don’t approve of. They’ll run a mile rather than openly debate with us, because the false premises and wishful thinking that form the deeply-flawed foundations of their Cultural Marxist ideology would be quickly and effectively undermined, exposing it for the dangerous and destructive ideology it is. They cannot possibly risk that. Any doctrine with only lies and empty assertions to support it is in constant danger of catastrophically falling apart once subjected to fearless, rigorous, thorough investigation – and the devastating superweapon they fear above all others: the plain, simple truth.

The landscape of the Internet – as it was as little as 10 years ago – has changed for the worse in my view. Back then, as the blogosphere experienced its rapid expansion, it seemed nothing could stop us and the propagation of our unfettered ideas. So far as we were able to tell, TPTB were not even making any active efforts to prevent us from publishing whatever we wanted. But they were far from happy about the situation, however. If they could have pulled the plug on us, they surely would. But doing so back then would probably have pulled the plug on unrelated parts of the Internet, which by that time was too vital to the commercial interests of large corporations to take risks with. So they had to limit themselves to attacking our credibility: ‘the tin foil hat brigade’ they called us, and it became their default smear of choice.

But we now know that all along they were continuing to develop more devious ways of silencing us. From around 2008 onwards, some of us who it was feared knew too much – or who offered to publish stuff for those who actually did – began to disappear. Some died in unusual circumstances; odd car accidents were a particular favourite. Others were poisoned. Spouses were threatened into silence, lest their children met with a similar fate. Others were wiped out financially whilst others again were forced to flee from trumped-up charges, some quietly by night to destinations unknown; some in the full blaze of world-wide media attention. And I’m guessing any of us could end up in a similar pickle if only we were deemed important enough to be worth the effort. Yet I know something they seem to have overlooked. I know that the devious, underhand tactics they’ve used break an unstated Universal law for which they and all their lackeys and lickspittles will have to pay a terrible price. More on that later.

Over the last five or six years, in addition to the above, another methodology has been brought into play and gradually refined. It began with blog postings on ‘sensitive’ subjects vanishing from Google’s search results. So if a blogger wrote a piece that was in some way ‘unhelpful’ to the government’s way of thinking (not just the US government, but friends of same, too) it could be effectively effaced from public consumption. And they didn’t even bother to claim it was being done for ‘national security’ reasons, either. In fact they had the remarkable combination of gutlessness and gall to deny any involvement at all in this clandestine censorship. Since then, predictably, the situation has only got worse. Comments vanish into cyberspace; blog stats are manipulated; individual blogs are periodically frozen out. This just shows exactly how fearful they are of the free exchange of ideas over which they have no control.

When around mid 2015 I discerned they’d perfected their blogosphere kill switch, I decided that for me at any rate, there was no long-term future in blogging. That’s why I have made zero effort at reaching out to other bloggers to ask them to add me to their blogrolls. I’ve no interest in building up any kind of following. I have no interest in trying to garner an ever increasing share of the limelight, as some other bloggers have. I created The True Conservatives WP page against my better judgment because a couple of commenters on another blog (which was winding-up) whose opinion I respected at that time basically delegated me to do it. I reluctantly and with heavy heart took up the challenge because who in all honesty wants to spend their valuable time contemplating all the ugliness, corruption and evil in the world? And yet I still on some odd occasions feel compelled out of some sense of ‘civic duty’ to carry on the fight. So what could be the answer? Perhaps an alternative approach that demands less frequent commitment? Maybe, maybe. A solution of some sort is required.

Watch this space…

Bullshit Alert!!!

I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year, but in all honesty, I can’t, because thanks to Obama, his neocon buddies and the gutless, vassal states of Western Europe, the world now stands closer to nuclear war than at any time since 1962 and 2016 may very well be the year it all finally kicks off. I’m sure you take my point.

Now, a week or so ago, our illustrious Jewish Prime Minister, Call-Me-Dave Cameron was reminding us of our supposed Christian heritage and how it has enabled us to provide sanctuary to every mangy curr that ever washed up on these shores in times of trouble. Now, obviously speaking from the same NWO crib-sheet, the Archbishop of Canterbury (also Jewish, unbelievably) is repeating precisely the same message in his New Year Message. This is also the man that all those expense-fiddling Jewish MPs have been riding – at vast public expense – in private limos to go out to lunch with. Honestly one could almost be forgiven for concluding that Christianity is a Jewish confidence trick, dreamed up to make mugs out of us all. I know I’m not the first to say that and I won’t be the last, either. This is a religion which is so utterly ripe for exploitation and politicization that it does make you wonder, doesn’t it? And if it doesn’t, it jolly well should.

Here’s what the scumbag had to say but please allow 2hrs before or after food before watching as you may spontaneously vomit from all the outrageously phony sentiments expressed (this is a Jewish actor after all).

The Paedo Supporters Strike Again!

Poor, innocent girl!

I wrote a post a while back about Tom Watson MP and the despicable way he’d been leaned on by the Powers That Be to apologise for the entirely apposite and truthful remarks he made about the disgusting, reprehensible, kiddie-fiddling pervert, Leon Brittan (now rumoured to be on the run and cowering from justice in Israel of all places). I figured the pressure applied to Watson was a way of deflecting public attention away from the shadowy Establishment paedo rings that we all know have existed for decades. And what do you know? My suspicions have turned out to be valid as confirmed by the front page of today’s Sun “newspaper”!

Yes, the same bastards are up to their old tricks by smearing Watson’s fellow paedo-exposing crusader, Simon-Danczuk MP. This time we’re informed he made sexually explicit advances to a 17 year old female who’d contacted him about a job (supposedly, anyway – smells like a setup to me). Anyway, whatever the root of this storm-in-a-teacup, the fact remains that this MP has done nothing illegal. The age of consent is 16, so what’s all the fuss about? I think we all know the answer to that don’t we, kiddiewinks? Yes, he should have raped a 12yr old boy like that other revolting old pervert and chum of Brittan, Greville Janner (also rumoured to be in hiding in Israel!) and then no one would have given a monkey’s. Funny old world when it’s run by perverts, isn’t it?

High Treason No Less!

Dear friends,

As the sun’s arc now passes its nadir in the winter sky, please recall that the powers that be faithfully assured us that as less clement weather drew on, the numbers of what are euphemistically termed “migrants” (who have established a seemingly impregnable stronghold in Calais) would surely begin to diminish. The combination of rain, chilling temperatures and the psychological blow arising from the erection of a “substantial razor wire fence” would cause our wouldbe invaders to lose heart, throw in the towel and disperse to seek more accommodating refuge in the core European countries such as the ever-welcoming, can’t-get-enough-foreigners, send-us-all-the-dross-you-got, welfare paradises of Germany and Sweden.

Sadly, of course (yet not surprisingly) this prediction has failed to materialise and the numbers of these disease-ridden robbers, rapists and closet jihadis has continued to swell along the shores opposite ours. Why on earth should this be so? Well, it shouldn’t come as a shock to those of us who read between the lines and treat the lies of the mainstream media with the contempt they deserve, that whilst we, the British people, are being spoon-fed the narrative that our government is doing everything in its power to keep these invaders out, the perspective from the other side of the Channel, in the eyes of those who would so desperately love to join us here, is very different.

The fact is that our wouldbe new citizens have a far clearer picture of what’s really going on than the vast majority of our fellow sleepwalking Britons. The “migrants” – quite correctly – view the feeble efforts of our government to keep them out rather as thinly-veiled encouragement to keep trying by any means necessary to crack on apace and step-up the invasion rate. How else could the disingenuous platitudes of clandestine Jews Cameron and May be interpreted? What else could this feeble, diaphanous membrane scarcely deserving of the label “fence” possibly be put there for but to be attacked, torn down and trampled over? And with consummate ease in broad daylight at that!

No, let’s not kid ourselves any longer. ‘Our government’ has been successfully infiltrated by a bunch of treacherous 5th Columnists who in concert with covert alien interests are hell-bent on destroying the concept of nationhood in Europe. They want to wipe us out and right now they’re about half way complete with the plan. If they were remotely serious about dealing with this foreign invasion (which is what it IS) we’d have the British army deployed long before now, unconstrained and with unambiguous orders to shoot to kill to defend the country. The fact that we have nothing more than hot air from the traitor usurpers and a few flimsy, tattered bits of wire is all the proof we need that we’re in an undeclared war and that nothing less than a fully commensurate and robust response to it is required NOWright NOW without further delay.